No pain No gain

Yesterday, the neighbour gave me a call asking whether im interested to get a body massage from her regular makcik urut since the lady will be coming over to her place later that morning. For rm30 an hour, how could i Not give it a try, and without much hessitation i agreed to get a massage as well.

An hour and a half later, the makcik came over to my house. She’s an indonesian lady, who happen to stay nearby our housing area, which makes it easier for her to came over just by walking. She’s been stayin here since circa 1993.

Since my last urut session, was back during my pantang days, so…im pretty much excited and anxious and also a lil’ nervous of what the outcome might be.By the way she presented herself, she looks like a real strong and wise lady.

My main concern during the session, was my tempat-branak (what does it call uh in english?anyone?) and also my right shoulder (the one that got ‘frozen’ the other day). As she works her ‘magic’ on me, she gave a few comments regarding how twisted! my urat was, from my knee up till my neck and shoulder of coz.

As for the ‘other part’, lets just say ..she work real hard on getting it back to its ‘place’. It was pretty hurtful, lotsa tense goin on..hahaha. Anyhow, i now feel much much better and literally lighter now. After the makcik went back, i spend my sunday, sleeping most of the time.

She advice me to regulary get myself a massage, at least once a month. Okie dokie makcik.For my own health and rm30,why not!! 🙂


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