Sew Blind


i wish i’m good in sewing..but i’m Not!.i remembered during Kemahiran Hidup (my high school years), we have to come up with a dress, just follow the instruction given. but somehow, mine doesnt turn out like a dress…instead, it was more like a lopsided baju. the dress end up, to be my mom’s kain buruk!

anyhow, what’s the sudden of wanting to sew? well, these days… if you’re good in sewing, we could make pretty pretty things, and get to sell it off in ebay, etsy and for some, in their own blog. and looking at those adorable fabrics online, turns me on!!(this sewing thingy lah!).

i dont intend to be a good tailor and open up a shop, just.. good enough to make simple stuff like baby sling (the online instructions look pretty easy!), bag, or maybe a bib for my Mia.

but then again, do i have the patient to learn. perhaps, attending a sewing class could be a good start?(gawd,sound so makcik2 gitu) oh well, then again, this sewing thingy could be one of those phases hangat-hangat tahi ayam. maybe i’ll just go search and read up… Sewing for Dummie first. and see, how it goes from there.



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