Gimme a break

I badly need a rest now.Just as i wrote in my previous post,i work too hard, whats with the housechores and office work.It had taken a toll on me.So,today i got myself a medical leave.

After i had my lunch yesterday, i realise my right shoulder was in pain.I couldn’t move much,what more to do my work.Even lifting up things would hurt badly.When the time we’re back, picking Mia up frm her babysitter,..the pain became gradually more painful.

My ever faithful friendly neighbour came over, and pass her Mezza oinment and massage my right shoudler and arm, it did felt abit better. Of course, Hubs did massage me too. But the pain is still there. So, last night i doze off pretty early.

And today, the doctor told me, i had a lil’ stress, and so that is why the mucles got tight and thats where the pain came from. Oh ok.Stess uh. Ya,i THINK so Too.

I think it is Time for me to take a good rest today while im at it uh. I can’t afford not feeling well for too long, since i got Mia to take care off. Even at this momment i wish i could just fetch her frm the babysitter.

Allritey peeps,wish me well soon ya! Need that. Ta’.


3 thoughts on “Gimme a break

  1. mira: superb camner pun,jatuh sakit gak beb! hehe.. thanks!

    leen: he did intend to bring me for a massage,but i decline, That PointOfTime i prefer to rest/sleep at home. 🙂 im feelin a bit better now.

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