Lazy Sunday Like Today

When was the last time I did a proper workout exercise? That would be bout’ 7 months ago..yupp!that long!! Well, i would normally ‘tell myself’, its ok..since basically my workout session consist of doing the house chores : laundry, mopping, cleaning, squating & scrubbing the toilet et all.So,that itself..already make my day covered with full sweat (and a backache!).The drawbacks of not having a maid uh.

So, after 10 months of giving birth have I shed alot? Figurely, from weighing myself on the scale machine, it seems like it, tho’ at times I don’t feel that ‘light’.

Anyhow,i stumble into Cool Mom Picks today,an interesting topic about’ a great workout for mommies,its called Stroller Strides. It says here that it is an ideal way for new mothers to get out and about with their babies in tow.The workout include power walking and body toning all with your stroller in hand. However, of course this sort of thing, only happen in America.

But,hey…why not us mommy here gather and workout just like that aswell? wouldn’t it be great!!? we get to hang out..and our kid/s will be with us, fun no? Well, at least this is a cheap way for workout. Tho’ I think, pushing stroller while doing our grocerries or even out for shopping could be consider a great workout aswell right!

So, what you’re waiting for.Let’s strollerxercise! 😉

but,i shall skip the workout today..hehe..simply becoz’ its a lazy sunday for me.toodlepeeps!


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