Between Needs,Wants and Wishes

she’s 10month old today!another 2 months time she’ll be turning the Big 1.Her friend,Emir just turn 1 recently (Happy birthday!!),and how beautifully her mommy wrote an entry on his arrival and milestones.

i for one,love having guests coming over to our house.We have celebrated many event in this small space of ours,the housewarming,the post-wedding celebration,the raya open hse or simple a get-together with family & friends.And pretty soon,for the first time,us parents,will be celebrating our daughter first birthday.

But the question now,whether or not,i should,or shouldnt make a birthday bash for her?the thing is,i need a space (the apt is pretty small to accomodate the Large no.of friends mia and her parents haves), but what i do want is a simple yet memorable birthday for her.Tho’ i wish to have a grand one for her,but…that’ll require lotsa planning!!and,of coz the budgets.

Well,as of now,we havent decided ….yet.Still got plenty of time right?Let me just browse around gather some ideas on it.Oh,and if you have any suggestion for a first time mommy here …please!you’re most welcome.

And here,our Mia,at 10 month old.


-the ‘kedekut’ smile pic.


7 thoughts on “Between Needs,Wants and Wishes

  1. ira…kejap gilerrrr dah nak setahun…!!!!! Buat kat McD dohhh but that would be rather biasalah kan…what about kat titiwangsa ke..leh2 lepak2 freely sambil makan cakes..then tangkap gambar pun lawa laa..very brain doesn’t really wanna work with me tonite kekeekeke….

    McD?ala…dun think so sesuai la dear.for all we know,nanti end up kita lak kena main games not the kids.hehe..outdoor,sounds menarik tho’..but then again,weather????!

  2. im telling you, kejap je nanti anak kite nanti nak kawin dah.. hahah jauh kan pk.. anyway.. here is my summary

    needs – naturally, tak payah pun bday party sebab budak budak bukan die paham kan

    wants – first timemummy memang paling excited bab ni.. mule lah pikir nak buat bday party, kat mane, di mana, bile.. again its natural

    wishes – and of cos we want something that can be remembered ever!! sebab tu kite mule pk nak buat theme tu theme ni, pakai baju macam ni macam tu.. tapi BUDGET pulak.and we wish we have all that money to make our dreams come true.. and again its natural !!

    so ape lagi!! Mia pergi bodek mummy mia.. suruh mummy buat princess party ke.. heheh

    totally agree on those 3(needs,wants and wishes).it’s always the firsttime parents yg excited not so much frm the kid.

  3. hmmm make it small but memorable
    nak save budget??? make it potluck while
    u ready kan the party pack n bday cake…

    outdoor!!!jom like we do mkn2 masa mia n emil
    still in urs n leen tummy 🙂 hehehehe

    oh yeahhh!i remembered that!it was fun kan..!
    ehm,kalo outdoor…kat mana eh sesuai?

  4. dedicool jgn kedekut la…
    nie u punyer princess tau…
    kata anak bapak kan..muka pun sama 🙂

    btw, me n adam lovessss parties…
    kalau outdoor best kat mana ek??
    KLCC park la…kita buat pkl 7 pagi…tak panas pun

    biasa aa ted,anything todo with SLR,ok aje…!hahaha..
    uish,sanggup ke kol 7pagi kat situ?hehe..

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