Oh wow!It’s July already!!and i still havent finish my pose ganti.*yikes!

Normally on friday,would be my day to have lunch outside from our office with my collegues or do a lil’ window shopping along the way.However,last friday afternoon,i went back home.It was actually because of ted and mia.They needed me.Ted was taking care of her coz she had a lil’fever early in the morning,i can’t take another leave due to an emergency workload in the office,so it was Ted who had to sacrifice his day(which he was so willing to,due to his new ‘toy’ purchase the day before,which gives him more time to play around with it!).

So,I cooked meal for Mia and just tapau some food for Ted and myself.After i’m done with all that,i rested for awhile and catch up on TV.I was happy Oprah was on that time.It has a pretty interesting topic on that day (oprah always does!).

There’s this twins girls,both being adopted from a different family without the adoptive parents know that they were twins!Fate have brought these two sisters together for the first time.And what are the odd,both also was named Mia!!Anyhow,read more on these miracle story here.

On another different note,on that day also a miracle happen too!Ted FINALLY get to washup mia’s poop!!!kakakakaka…gawd!how he dreaded so much to do that!I havent reach home yet,so ...nak tanak he has to DO IT!and Yes peeps,all this while it was Me me Me the one who have been cleaning up mia.His reason,was…tak tahan bau.pffttt!lame excuse uh!

Anyhow,here’s the latest pic of Mia.Not a pretty sight actually..hehe,just to show you,how she such a daddy’s girl.Their ‘style’ of sleeping that is!!






4 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. hahahaha FINALLY!!!!
    yes la ira..aftr this ted no more excuse hehehe 🙂

    wohoo NEW TOY???camera la tu ek???
    alahai Mia lena nye titun xingat dunia
    (teringat dlm flight pon blasah golek kenit tu)

  2. masa dia basuh berak mia tu,mia was laughin k!hehehe…agaknya dia pun tau,bapak dia nye firsttime basuh!!hahahaha ( whn i came back,i checked back just to see its properly CLEANED!!)

    ya lor,THAT TOY la…wutelse!!

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