The Golden Drops

It seems just like yesterday i was struggling to bfeed mia during the early days (what more,i had a C-Section,and it hurts so much to just feed her in a certain positions!).And i how i remembered the first time my body was trembling and sweating ,as i caught fever due to engorgement.never did i knew,the efffect would come to that extent.And that only happened on the third day after my delivery,when my milk supply really ‘kick-in’.

Those who knows me personally and some of you who have been following this blog know,i am very GungHo when it comes into breastfeeding. Even during my pregnancy time,i make a promise to myself (and to mia) to BF her,as long as i can,and if possible exclusively for a Year.

But you see,’all good things must come to an end‘. (tho’ not entirely).

So,just recently,i have stop pumping.Not only in my office,but at home aswell.NOT because i’ve decided to stop (no way!),or give up,but simply being….the supply is not sufficient enough for her anymore.The more i try(pumping),the more stress up i get,looking at the output production getting paltry despite my best effort.

Of coz,the decision wasn’t easy for Me.For the last couple of days,I’ve been feeling sooo guilty and thinking maybe I should keep it up just a little while longer.But still,despite all kinds of remedies, petua, to increase it,the supply just didn’t come as much as i Wish it would be.The result is still disappointing.

However,I know it is STILL there,…given Mia direct frm the source,i could feel it coming…but just through pumping,the milk collection is pretty ‘sad’ looking.

And now slowly im begining to accept the fact,i can’t go on to exclusively BF her till a year old as i despreately want to.However,I should in fact,give myself a pack in the back,that at least i’ve manage to exclusively BF for a good 8months.What more,as a firsttime mother,i survive into breastfeeding phase!Those who share the same interest as me,would know how it feels.I must not feel to sad (for long),as i should be happy and thankful,she still want to be BF.

so how was the transitions from boob to bottlemilk?it was easy.we only pick and try one brand,and it works just fine on her…and decided to just stick with it,tho’…there are few times we’re tempted to try with other brand,but back-off the last min…as not to confuse/upset her taste.

i will still continue my journey into BF her,tho’ not exclusively (sob..sob..),but still something to look out for.

For now..i bid goodbye to my ever faithful pump.may i see you,in the coming years.


8 thoughts on “The Golden Drops

  1. u’re such a wondermum ira !!..sedeylaa baca..i only managed to BF emmil exlusively for 2 months..the milk didn’t really kick in as much as i tot..and with only that short period, mmg rasa mcm useless and sedeyy gila..the frustration of failing to BF emmil was very high and to feel useless for not able to BF Emmil for longer period of time was soooo devastating lah ira..but somehow just have to face the fact…and to know that there are some mothers who can’t produce milk at all makes me cherish every moment of BFing him….thank God for the 2 months…..:-D

  2. ya lor leen…true wat u said,some ppl cant even BF their kid due to some complications/or mmg tarak…sad to know.2months is good also la leen!better than nothing kan. 😉
    ur a supermom too dear!

  3. great job!! :))
    am always proud to hear of mums exclusively bf-ing, no matter how long the period of time. maybe next round, we could share tips to keep the supply coming. (i had a few, and alhamdulillah it worked for me.)
    thanks for commenting!

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