The Holiday

The Morning Flight
We woke up at 4am,to get ourself prepare to get to the airport (flight depart at 7ish).Mia was ofcoz still sleeping.Leen & Nud was on their way to our house,and by 5am sharp,our airport limo arrive,and off we went together while both of our babies was still sound asleep.Met Fara & Najib over in airport.

The plane,the plane
Since AA do not provide the babies/senior citizen express lane privileges anymore,ted bought us the express boarding tix(3days earlier) for myself(mia) & leen(emmil).So,being the first on board,we pick the whole second row for the 6 of us.As this was Mia’s first ever flight trip,i was worried her ears might hurt,so just as the flight was about to takeoff,i quickly shove off myboobie to her to do a lil’suckin/BF (tips i got frm ‘travelling with babies’).And how relief i was,she was ok,and smilling away throughout the journey.afterawhile,she doze off.The journey took us about 2hours.

The Arrival
At first look at Bandung’s Terminal Airport,we were surprise.It was…uhmm,small.Smaller than what we have here in Subang.Anyhow,that didnt stop us the excitement to be in Bandung.Mind u,the airport didnt have the escalator baggage,so…practically our bags were just lining up for the owner to pick up themselves.And just a one meter away,is the outside door.

Our Welcome Snack
Our pak supir,Mas Riza….was patiently waiting for us.What a fine lookin gentlemen he is.He was the one holding ‘Pak Fahzan’ banner up.The van he drive us in,was clean and spacious.In the van,he passess us around a complementary welcome snack (its a sa-le pisang).Sedap bangat seh!Until we decided there and then to order it from him!Such a soft spoken and well mannered guy.

The Non Stop Shopping Begins

Yes.For the next two days were spend,from one factory outlet to another.We shop like nobodies’ bussiness,till we almost,literally drop flat at night.Mind you,their factory outlet,wasnt some warehouse place,its more like a bungalow modified into a shop. Of all,my fav.gotta be Rumah Mode.The clothes there were nicely arrange,and easy for us to find.Not only that,the architecture and the landscaping of the place,really amaze me.There’s all kinds of brand name OldNavy,Tommy,SevenJeans,Rock&Republic,Gap,BabyGap,Pumpkin Patch,Armani and many more.However,if you’re a real branded cousious type,you may wanna be careful abit lah,some item ‘may’ not be aunthetic at all.

Travelling with Kids
It wasnt that hassle at all,provided we prepare their stuff beforehand (diapers,wipepess,small towel,babyfood,water).We didnt bring stroller,instead just slings and babycarrier.In fact,wearing sling here in Bandung (or indon for that matter) was a norm.Its hard to see any stroller around,cept’ the tourists.Mas Riza was such a helpful supir,he will insist on carryin Mia or Emmil,just so we have the comfort to shop.Well,at least Emmil was more cooperate with him,Mia…she’s just too attach with me (and hubs).There’s one time where Mia did her no.2,i thot..gawd,where can i change and clean her up.Thankgawd,theres a F.Outlet that provide a clean nursing/baby room.

The ‘damages’
Let’s just say,all our converted rupiah,were well spent and finish on that third day itself.And if u may ask,Yes,our luggage bag did exceeded!We bought lotsa clothes,2 piece of kain,telekung for mil,few CDs (damn cheap,ard rm2 per CD) and brownie kukus (delish!).

It was hard to say goodbye to Bandung.The trip was too short and pax for us.We didnt do any sight seeing,it seems Takuban Perahu is a nice place to visit for its hot spring and hilly view.That’s ok,that give us another reason for us to BE there Back again!Ted (well,basically the guys!) was pretty disappointed he didnt get much stuff as in his List (e.g 10 working shirt,instead 2 only).Anyhow,this trip was simply a blast becoz of a great Company!and bcoz its Bandung yo!

*More pic of Bandung trip on Flickr


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