a lil’ flirtation won’t hurt

“yeah right!!!”

“..and u thought u can handle him,and try to be just friends uh?”

“well,my intention is good.nak jadi kawan je,that’s all,whats wrong with that?!!”

“..oh NOTHING,just that he’s a married man,and…he doesnt’ talk to you about work related stuff,he asked you to accompany him to outstation TOGETHER?…oh NOTHING !!?!”

“you see,i don’t mean to harm his marriage or anything,he told me wife dia garang!!i pity him,he needed someone to talk with,so i layan aje lah….besides,i have a boyfriend d’,he knows bout it aswell”

“..oh how sporting your boyfriend.but did you tell him about those online chatting, emails,gifts this guy gave u??”

“…hehe,oh that?…mmmmm no lah.buat apa,its not important.i take it as kawan kasik hadiah.normal la tu“.

“lets say,just imagine,IF you’re the wife of that guy,and…..there’s a girl he fancy to talk with,non workrelated stuff,jeles tak??”

heesshhhhhhhhhhhh…..i cincang2 dia!!”

“aik…tau lak nak marah ek?’

and she thot’ a lil’ flirtation won’t hurt.ladies,be wise when u wanna be someones’ friend,specially when it comes men.i strongly believe,be extra careful and its nothing wrong to have that reasonable doubt.and if u do run into these kind of ‘men’,sometimes its better to just ignore em’ all together,shut that ‘friendly’ mode of yours and go concentrate on work!(ok mayb not the BEST advice,but…if taklayan,tak jadi la kan..so in the first place,be firm and be cool.)

i hope i dont scare my friend to find a nice chap to be her boyfriend/husband lateron in life,(knowin there’s all kinds of men these days) and….to another friend,dont be too overconfident that you can handle ‘it’.takut nanti,terperangkap diri sendiri je.

ok peace out.


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