it could happen to anyone

In todays world,we thought with the existing of high secured security,a world could be a better place to live in,but,what we sometimes didnt realise is,there are bad & heartless people around,who can top it off and get away (sometimes) easily frm it.the more high technology we get,the more ‘creative ways‘ these people could come up with.

So,last saturday,my youngest brother was being robbed!Not in someother places,but at our own home (@myhometown that is). He just came back late at night,2am.Parent wasnt around coz they are here in KL,to attend some functions (plus to visit their only beloved grandaughter,mia). Just as he step out frm the car,came out (out of no where) 5 indon men with parang aiming at his throat!threaten him to keep quite and give em’ watever he has on him.

Luckily,our faithful gardener (aka caretaker) was around, and he heard something (which he thot was mybro’ friends making some noise). He quickly went out to our porch,and saw em’,and before he could do anything,those men freakout,and quickly grab mybro’s slingbag (which has his digital camera,wallet+phone was safely tuck in his jeans).

those men fleet off probably they thot there’s noone at home,and didnt expect anyone to be awake during that wee,when they saw him(the caretaker),they became the police came by our hse,and inpect here & there,seems like,these ppl already has a plan to ‘attack’ any of the houses at the cornerlot (which is our hse and 2 other neighbour’s hse),becoz there a few cuts from their fences aswell.

You see,our neighbourhood is a very secluded area,sunyi,and gelap..,so this give em’ a lot of ‘advantages’.I guess,mybro’ was the unlucky ones.But syukur alhamdulilah,he’s OK without any injuries, just a lil’shock.

So,the moral of the story?.Listen to ur parents advice,DONT GO OUT late at night!!and wait til the gate is properly lock/close,then only you get out frm the car,and before that look left right up down back.getit bro??!!

But whatever it is,im glad you’re fine!

*p/s:there’s tons of tactics nowdays ppl get robbed/murder/raped.just TRY not to be alone at suspicious places,and..always,always be EXTRA alert.(tellin that to myself aswell)


3 thoughts on “it could happen to anyone

  1. wat!! tapi kan kak didik, lately bile bace paper, banyak betul orang tak betul kat ipoh tu.. why aa.. luckily ur bro tak kene ape2.. anyway, bro, jage diri baik2, jgn ingat laki tak leh kene attack..

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