she’s my momfidence

i heart my friendly next-(kitchen)door neighbour.she’s a mommy too,with two beautiful girls, 6 and 4 years old.she’s practically my mommies reference.

behind those shouting and screaming to her kids,which i practically overheard everyday..hehe,she’s such a lovely preson.always sending her delish food at the RIGHT time,when im just too lazy to cook(which sometimes leave me crackin my head as to what to give her back!and yourstruly normally take such a looong time to return back her plates/tupperware).

her kids simply adore playin with mia,..and sometimes,we went for swimming together aswell.back then when i told her bout’ my pregnancy she lended me tons of parenting,pregnancy books.and now,she lended us a playpen yard(bought overdseas),which i know practically cost a BOMB here,ever since mia started to crawl.what a nice lady she is.i couldnt’ ask for more.

(*it got me thinkin,we shoud start sharing stuff like toys,books,..bcoz i tell u,kids stuff nowdays can be pretty expensive)

anyhow,we went out together recently,just us with mia,and her with dania & marissa.the plan was to just pick up some grocerries stuff.but,as expected,we girls didnt stick to the plan,instead we went searching for toys and books for em’.

as usuals,MV will be jam packed with people,specially last weekend,due to school holidays and extra hols for working ppl.after hunting some books for the girls,we took a break for some deserts and pasta.lucky us,we manage to get a seat!!

my neighbour left me for awhile….with her kids,while she went to withdrawl some cash.i gotta taste of handling 2 toddler and a baby at ONE TIME.quite a chaos for a momment,as i was spoon feeding mia,dania was asking some orange juice,while marissa,who is the active one,was standing on a chair!!what a sight!haha..but i really did enjoyed hangin’out with them.

we sure gonna doin it again!

on another note,i received a sad news about a dear friend of mine,who just gave birth to her second son,who currently facing some kidney prayers to u and ur son strong.


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