i am mia


today, i am 8mth,2weeks and 3 days old.

i eat alot these days,specially mommy’s cooking!

im not afraid of tryin new things…like,messing around mommy’s mag.rack,or crawling everywhr and anywhr,picking up small2 things i find underneath d’carpet,spanking at daddy’s laptop,..i wonder how it works,seems like mommy+daddy did the same,only ..i cant find the right key to press,so hentam sajelah!

oh and my latest ‘trick’,really surprises them!i was tryin to pull myself up to STAND!u should see the look of my parent’s face!specially my mom…haiyah!she scream so loud i almost freak out!it only lasted bout’…like 3sec?before she ‘saved’ me!

i miss my friends…emmil,emir,natasha and adam!when are u guys gonna date me!??i could teach some new stunts 😉

well,anything holla my mommy or daddy.i aint’ got a cell yet,maybe ..on my 1st bday?

ok take care peeps.have a great day!!



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