the one where she wont sit still

mia is pretty active these days,and one happy baby she is.oh have i told u she can crawl?yeah!and pretty quick too…these lilttle little milestones makes us first time parents feel so excited.

anyhw,pretty soon we’ll be leavin for our outofthiscountry holiday for the first,that means,we need to get a pasport for our lil’ girl here.been planning for this holiday ever since mia was still in my womb!!few close friends will tag along as well.great!cant wait.

previously we thought,we’ll wait til she’s abit older(in a sense,with stronger neck and et al),so that the picture would turn out,we waited..and waited..and waited,until we realise(+forgot),its only a couple of weeks away before the trip.pester dedicool to hurry up to take mia’s picture,in our so-called home-studio.

as we expected,she wont sit still.toleh sana,toleh sini.trying to grap her daddy’s camera.smilling and lookin away at the wrong screamin behind hub’s head” “miaaaa miaaa…look here..look at dedi!!”

owh well,like what miss tyra banks usually said,here’s your First Shot!..


nope.i didnt hold her.she seat by herself,but i was right smack infront of her ofcoz.hoping she wont fall.

here’s the 2nd shot,another day another time.


this time,we put her in her high chair.So,this is her by farr…the best shot!

haha…maybe we send this one.(or not!?).

allrite dedi,lets chop off her fringe!!its gettin to look like peter petrelli dah!and that is why she needed the clip!!


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