not 1,but two

im a sucker when it comes into buyin baby-parentin gadget’s stuff for mia or,as of now,i not only have 1 baby sling,but two.and thanks to a dear friend,who recently launch her lilcaliph online site,she have tremendous collections of gorgeous slings (or pouches some may call it) .

there’s nothin wrong with my first one,in fact it is still in a very much good condition.only thing is,this new one has beautiful printed designs on it!!

back during my pregger times,i surf alot on baby stuff,and one of my favs in the list,are slings.feels like love at first sight.


some might not agree on this babywearing,sling.comments like “you’ll spoil ur kids,she’ll wont like sitting on her stroller later on,u’ll hurt ur back“..and so on.

true,but not all depends.if you’re not comfortable with it,then dont.i happen to like it bcoz since day 1,mia has been on sling.she sleeps better in it,and plus i too personally feels better that no one can touch/bother her sleeps.

given this sling also make things easier for me to bfed her’s like 2 in 1 functions.really!no kidding,just lift up/unbutton ur shirt,then wallah..our baby can just suck away. 😉 tho’ i must say,it does take a few practices before you’ll get the hang of it.

but like i say,it might NOT be everyone’s first choice.




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