“What Makes You a Mother?”

came across with the subject above while i was ‘hoppin’ from one parenting site to another.it was here,parentbloggers.com it came up. a lil’ excerpt from it

It’s in honor of Mother’s Day and inspired by LightIris founder and dad Kevin who has been wearing a Preggo Suit all month long. Can he really actually be empathetic to what moms go through? And is being a mom just about the actual having of the kids? Or the raising of the kids?”

before i had Mia,honestly,i can’t imagine myself as a mother.i remembered during my pregnancy,i kept asking myself,would i make a great mommy? what does it take to be one?does taking care and nurturing her is enough?is there any manual to be a Mother? but one thing for sure,it is a HUGE responsibility.

Mothers come in all shapes,colors and sizes.But one common thing we share,a mother’s love for their child,is beyond words.its comes from heart and soul.

It’s not only the act of giving birth,ones qualify to be a mother.It’s more than that.I believe,the label ‘Mother’ is for someone who puts her kids wellbeing first before herself,even if it involves her dear life.

No matter how grown up our kids will be,mothers will always,always be there for em’,for better, or for worse, for richer or poorer; in sickness or in health,till death do us apart.sound cliche i knw.and thats the fact and the truth.

I recall one scene from my fav.drama,(whatelse GA!!),where this lady was dignosed with cancer(or was it a brain tumor?i forgot!).she kept secret frm her daughter about her serious illness,and dr. karev was prety upset about the lie.however,in the end,she finally did told her daughter that she’s dying soon.her reasonbeing not telling her daughter earlier was becoz she didnt want her to be hurt and sad. anyhow,the conversation goes something like this:..

“honey,its doesnt matter which dance class you go,what subject you plan to take,or which dress you’ll wear to the prom,..blablablal..,because at the end of the day,what’s important is…that you are Happy.that’s all that matter.i do not want you be to sad all the time when im gone.i want you to remember me ..and just be happy”

so what makes Me a mom? the love,the nurture,the sharing,the risk,the burden,on everything and anything just for her happiness.

Mothers are everywhere. And it is that special love for a child that makes you a mother. I confess here,being a mom,is the greatest thing in the world.

So,have u wish your mother,Happy Mothers Day?well,you should,But if u have,well done!

Ok peeps,Have a nice day ahead.

p/s:on another note,im thinking of selling my allerhand diaper bag?any taker?

7 thoughts on ““What Makes You a Mother?”

  1. besides that allerhand bag
    also for sale : (tumpang iklan)

    BARRY SMITH executive bag – leather (cool gile bag nih)
    – condition 10/10
    – buying price RM259, letting it go for RM150
    – reason for selling : duk tersadai jek kat umah

    NORTH FACE bagpack (bape liter lupa laa tp besar aa)
    – condition 9/10 (normal tear n wear)
    – buying price RM200, letting it go for RM100
    – reason for selling : dah ada baby so tadek can nk jadik bagpackers, duk bwk luggage jek skrg

    SAMSONITE travelling bag
    – condition 8/10 (ada sticker boarding pass, sbb slalu bwk pi travel)
    – buying price tatau le sbb bli kat korea, tp mahal laa kot sbb bkn bag cap ayam
    – sesuai utk traveller yg travel on bisnes sbb bleh letak baju/kain pelikat/inner wear + laptop skali
    – letting it go for RM150
    – reason for selling : pun tersadai tak pakai

    SAMSONITE bagpack (laptop bag)
    – condition 8/10 (normal tear n wear)
    – buying price RM299, selling tatau ler sbb blom decide nk jual ke tak, tapi kalu brani offer laa price ..
    – bag cool gile, bleh refer sini

    tapi ni kaler jinjang oren+gray ..
    my bag tu kaler black/grey .. korang imagine bag kat link tu, part oren = gray, gray = black
    – reason for selling : tak cool pakai macbook bawak bagpack

    FOTOLIFE SLR camera bag
    – condition 7/10
    – buying price RM200, letting it go for RM50 jekkkk
    – currently fit my nikon d70s + (17-50mm + 50mm + 12-24mm + 80-200mm) lens + SB800 flash ..
    so korang imagine sendiri la yer besar mana .. mmg puas hati
    – reason for selling : dah beli crumpler baru, so nk tolak murah2 jek


  2. amboi dedicool ni bukan buat iklan lagi dah, buat cerite pulak :p anyway, happy mother’s day to u!! and u know what, that was the first time I watched GA nangis, sebab that part memang teramatlaa touching..

  3. wehh dedicool..bukak kedai bag ke apa…aaa ira…i’m so touched laa with ur writing..:-( mmg sgt best jadi mommy…it is undescribable aaa…all in all..i’m so pround to be one !!!

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