Shiny Happy People

We held a small getogether with some friends and family,to just chill-out at our hommie.It’s been quite awhile since we last did one,which was…last year.With this ‘meet-eating’ thingie,so i have every reason to ordered..yet another cupcakes,but this time from sosweetpliz gals.Truly yummylicious.

Eventho’ some couldnt make it ( + some i even forgot to remind em’ again/bad me!),i’m glad the number of guest turn up.Thank Yous for coming!We do had fun right! 😉

Mia was happy meeting Adam,Emir and Natasha.Their mommies was such a sport,willing to entertain dedicool’s snapping pictures of em’ and their babies.(*im sure u guys can’t wait for the pic,but tunggu ya..need to resize+edit bit )

As of Mia,she was awake almost through-out the day,..and only to be drop flat,around 10pm!!can u imagine that!I don’t know whether she was so facinated with lotsa people around,or was indeed enjoying the company.

But,all in all,WE HAD FUN!




4 thoughts on “Shiny Happy People

  1. hey dearie! ur little mia is getting beautiful by the day! hehehe… i got a little something for her since like ages ago! i must remember to pass to u!hehehe..
    ok take care!

  2. amei!!thx for d’comment.rajin jugak u drop by sini. 😉 no prob,anytime.come and visit us lah sometime!

    mira,tu aa kan.bley lepas ah jdi brother sister!!

  3. ira..thanks for inviting us..i’m sure adam had so much fun, sbb tue dia tido ajer 🙂 hehe
    geram sgt tengok mia…mcm patung larrr..nie yg nak baby girl nie.. hopefully ikut muka i pulak..asyik muka joe ajer 🙂

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