bussiness is bussiness

some of u might know,besides a day job…my hubbster does some freelance work.he got hook up with this photography thingy,even before we got married.on our wedding day,one of the hantaran…was ,yes,an SLR.and it was one of the HEAVIEST item on the dulang.

hubsters is more of the arts side,hence more creative that i am.many of his art/design work,are very impressive and mind-blowing .not being bias here,but..those who know ted,you’ll know what i mean.he sees,what others sometimes miss out.however,being good at what he does,he can be very,VERY…cerewet and too perfectionist about it.

when it comes to friends,asking bout’ his quoatation..some feel,its too pricey,and requested for a discounts.you see,even tho’ the job is not his sole income,but…to give-in too much,will course some ‘back ache‘ to the business(and him aswell,literally).

a very interesting write-up by this guy, adan …bout’ “Harga murah untuk kawan-kawan?” is pretty much true.Go ahead,read about it,and you’ll know how it really feel.

so friends,sometimes..bussiness is bussiness.


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