Ghost Story

a friend told me,to avoid feeling afraid of watching a ghost movie,try mute the does help,u know.

i remembered,there’s this one time,a friend and i was watching ‘The Others’ movie.Both of us was so scared to watch it (but yet continued to do so..hehe).When the part where the witch was tryin to ‘talk’ to the boy/girl’s mom(nicole kidman),we freak out…sampai melompat ke pintu!! hahahaha…that was such a funny momment.

one thing what i like about ghost story like this, becoz of the interesting twist.How we never thought,nicole kidmann was the ghost,all this while,until almost the end of the movie.nice one!!

anyhow,this entry was trigger..due to my watching of The Six Sense tonite.


One thought on “Ghost Story

  1. my gosh! natasha has the same pink giraffe romper! ehehe…..i was thinking of getting the bigger size nanti cos it’s so freaking comel. kalau ada my size, i pun nak beli for me! muahahahah!!!

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