No Fun

When a blog has been hiatus for awhile,its either means that  person is somewhat busy with life or just plain lazy to update,or..simply no idea what to write about.In my case,all of the above.

Work has been taking a tol on me.Some last minute project coming from the ‘top mgmt’ want it Fast Fast Fast.yes,with a capital letter.

“i do not want to hear the word “NO” frm you people!,..if u have to work this, on weekends,so be it.”

* yeah, weekends are fill with my workloads,and so does the comin weekends.pretty much sucks.never have i,like doin my office work back home,what more on weekends!

that’s pretty much an update frm me.

as for my lil’ girl here,i sense she’ll be crawling soon.lookin at the way she’s been reversing and turning,and tossing,and moving backwards pretty quick!there’s one time whr we caught her,almost goin under the sofa!*pheww..

no pic lah on her this entry.maybe nxt ya.ta’ 

p/s:btw GA lover,do u know SEASON 3 is on tv9!!and their repeats on ntv7!!helllaluyah.. !! ok,at least this is FUN to knw about.


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