being a mother itself is like a ‘career‘.i would say,its like a job,but doesnt have any paid leave,no mc.its a 24 hours job!don’t get me wrong.i’m not complaining here,just a deep thots i have lately.

i still have that lil’ guilt..everytime i left for work,and dropped mia at the a working mother,im sure other working mummies would share the same boat as i am.

we,mothers,will always have worries,and doubt,and more worries,of our baby caretaker.and we’ll always feel,no other being can measure up as how we take care of our kids.

this is why probably most of the time,anywhere we go,we bring her along.not that i want her to be too attach to me,but like i say,its the guilt feelin i carried,feelin sorry for leaving her.furthermore i still BF her,so yeah,thats another excuse.but of coz,once in awhile i do HAVE to tinggalkan mia,for a certain private occasion or inappropriate places.

i do feel guilty sometimes,for missing few outing with friends,only wanted to be wrapped up with my baby.

mother & baby this month highlighted a very nice article,keeping it’s how things change when a baby arrives,and so does our relationships,with our man,our friends and even our own mother.true enough.

it doesnt mean we have to leave out our loved ones out in the cold.there’s a way to share our exciting moment together with our baby and helps to have em’ as an understanding and supportive family and friends.


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