This morning,i received a very sad news.A friend of mine,passed away lastnite.He had leukemia.Even my dad received the news,it was he’s friends’ eldest son.Very sad to hear and even to read the text message.

I may not be a close friend,but we do know the family & relatives.What really breaks my heart is knowing,he left his wife and a baby girl.I can’t picture myself in that state,but im sure she has to be a very very strong mother now.

I have my share of losing my loves ones as well.A younger brother.Yes,it was a very sad momment for us all family.Ma’ almost cannot do anything for quite sometime,and everytime she think of him,she’ll broke down.But after some time,she does heal.

In a battle when we lost someone,all we need ..is to be very Strong to face the reality and..carry on with our life.But in reality,its not that..easy.

al-fatihah to arwah rafizul elmi.


One thought on “Lost

  1. askm. i’m rafiz’s wife. i remember you, but not sure if you still remember me. anyway thanks for putting up this post. this is the first time i came across your blog actually. it’s been a while huh.. yet still it feels like new..

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