Weekend that was

..well spent,with tons of fun and lots of sweat involved!!

emmil drop by with his mummy & daddy.all of us went to two weddings together and that ‘fair’ that everyone been raving about.

at the first wedding,mia was being such a cranky lil fella,due to the hot weather & needed her beauty nap.emmil was such an angel at that time.it’s always either one of em’ who’ll end up being cranky.kan leen?!weird or wat?!?!haha..

then later,we proceed to PWTC.traffics was jam pack!!so,it took us almost an hour to reach to our destination.luckily,parkin wasn’t as hard as we thot it would.

Pity lil’ emmil wasnt that please,lookin at his hot face(with that fair skin of his) which end up being cranky.see,they take turns!!as for mia,well..,she ends up sleeping through out the fair,only to be woken up when we reach to the Mall.

time was catchin up,..so all of us,rush back home,only to get to another wedding,which is at the other side of KL.again,we brought along mia.she was ok at first,but just as we park our car,she started screaming!!haiyoo…hubba hubba almost decided to turn back home,but i assure,she’ll be fine later,just needed to sooth her bit.

and wallahh!she finally calm herself and..slept!!phew!the wedding was in a dewan,so i know,its not so nice to have a crying baby for their ‘background music’.a guy fren who was sitting with us was about to ask where’s my baby,only to realise,she’s WITH me,in my sling(yes people,i was wearing the SLING to a WEDDING!!haha so NOT ranggi lookin!) he thot that was a selendang hangin at my shoulder.(ok,thank gawd he thot as that..haha).

by the time we got back home,all 3 of us..was exhausted.and terus to the la la land.

but it was fun wasn’t it leen!hehe..wanna do it again?


miaonstroller2.jpgmia experimenting on some strollers. 😉


One thought on “Weekend that was

  1. jom..jom..outing again..!!! after several outing sessions..dah taula..if mia sleeps then emmil awakes and the other way around..if mia gets cranky and then i’ll now emmil will do too next hahahaha..!!!!!adoiiilaaa…peninggg peninggg…

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