im writting this post,at the state where mia is sleepin soundly on my lap,lazing in our bedroom with aircondition connected.aaaa..the bliss of havin a wifi,and havin my daughter close to me.

i just came to realise next month,April,this humble place of mine…will turn a year old!!i myself,too like other blogger,can’t believe it i can reach close to a year ..for blogging.before i started,i was rather very skeptical of whether am i for real into ‘bloggin world’,or just being “hot hot chicken shit.rasa malu pun ada jugak.the what-if Question also kept poppin into my head.

somehow i got the courage to proceed into this ‘world’,reasonbeing..i was pregnant at that point of time,and i feel like documenting my experience as a firsttime pregger.and now,reading it back,sure brings back the good ones or not,memory.

i first announced the existing of this place to those closes to me.not to impress or anything to em’..but rather to just share stories,and now to share bit & pieces of my mia.ofcoz,sometimes it does occur to me,there could be others readin this?would i mind?well,since this blog in the worldwideweb,i shouldnt then.tho’ the insecurity is still there,i try not to think of it so much.just pretend im writting this own reflection back.

to those who know me,thanks for being HERE.



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