maid of honor

i had a maid for the last 3days.nah,she wasn’t mine to start i wish tho!hubster’s bro lended it to us,since the family was getting away for a holiday.the maid,was really helpful and pleasant.biasala,bila bukan kita punya,slalu ok.

now i know how it feels gettin back home,lookin at our hse nice and tidy and clean.legaaa mata memandang.she woke up at 5am!and already started swippin and mopping the floor.i guess,that wat normally other maid does la rite.

not only she’s proactive(no need to instruct also da tau nak buat keje umah),she’s also good in handling kids!there’s a few times when mia simply being demanding and cant stop cryin & whinning,she try to sooth mia and play with her,…and wallah!senyap la jugak.what a bless!however,good things must come to an yesterday she went back..along with the family.

no more comin home,all clothes being washed and folded,food on the table,clean floors and toilets.

anyhow,…should i get a maid?well….not in the nearest time lah.where got that MUCH money to spend lor!besides,my place is small,just nice for the 3 of us.i can still opt for the weekly maid tho’.still good enough rite.


5 thoughts on “maid of honor

  1. yerp, i already get one for myself, poket licin, mahal giler.. up to today, she is OK.. hope it continues… but like aeyya said, u lost some privacy sikit laa 😀

  2. Nud’s fren came up with the idea of sharing maid which i think is quite practical tho. Meaning that the maid will switch houses every 2-3 days..interesting aightt..u’ll still have your privacy and poket takderla bocor sgt hehehe…jom ira kita share maid when i move to KL !

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