red eye

No,not talking bout’ the movie Red Eye.but,something ‘scary‘ like the story tho’.but,in a different way.

some misfortunate event‘ happen to my baby.her eye now has one small red spot at near the white area.the spot is quite close to the black eye,luckly it didnt ‘hit’ there..else my daughter’s vision will ….uh..not in good term.i was very Very very upset,and angry,and lotsa things was goin on thru my mind.

and if u ask, didn’t happen in front of was last friday,at the babysitter hse.she said..she didnt realise it,only come about when mia woke up frm her afternoon nap.

oh crap!aren’t you suppose to be aware of her?what were you doing?!!!!and im very sure the red spot wasnt there when i sent her earlier.

really.i wont be this mad if she could come up clean with me.

took mia’s to the specialist,doctor said luckly it didnt hit at the black eye,else it’ll be another story.*sigh it looks better now,doctor prescribe her with an eyedrop,and so tommorow we’ll do another follow up checkup.

and thinkin,today i send mia to her this morning,really breaks my heart!


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