normal normally

i don’t know what to blog these days…yah,i guess im facing what ‘normally’ other blogger face before-writer block!oh heck..anyhow,it’s march already!and soon,this 9th..mia will turn 6month ol’.

so,whats up with her now.well,she can say/screeam more like it ‘maaaaaaaaa….aammmmaaaaa…’,specially if she’s upset that im not pickin her up,or simply ignored her,just for a bit,while doin my chores.when i share this with other mothers,it seems that..’normal lah baby sebut maaaaa tu…‘.owwh overly excited then.

and then,comes the separation anxiety.i purposely asked dedicool to carry her,while i go to the kitchen and do some cleaning/cookin/wutevr…memula tu,ok la…but once she realise and saw me,..she’ll start screaming cryin!and hence the ‘maaaaaaaaaaa ..ammmaaaaaaaa’ first it was fun lah,she wanted ME instead her dad,ehehe..but lelama tu,adehh..susah la ini mcm mau buat kirja.*sigh..mia..mia..

mia already started on her solid d’.its true what othr moms says.its fun feedin em’ the first time!

oh goodnews,my friend aftirusli safely gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this early morning @1am.congratulation dear!yay!more friends for mia.

Matta Fair is just ard the corner.cant wait cant wait! and oh!that 300 movie is showin soon,this comin week!this one,is a totally must see.its been agessssssss since i last watch a movie in a CI NE MA!lets see,the last one was…..uhh…mmm…gawd.seriously i cant remember.

holrights,im done now.chowbella!


3 thoughts on “normal normally

  1. lawak this time nyer entry..when the baby wants daddy kita bising..bila nak kat kita..then we bising also *sigh*sigh..but lagi tension when baby ikut muka daddy..ciss..penat okeh nak branak !!!

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