its no fun,when one of our love ones is unwell.in this case,the husband.he just had his knee surgery,somethin todo with his ligamen thats in bad shape.anyhow,he’s doin ok now..resting well the hospital.but ofcoz,after all that,he have to undergo this fisio therapy every week later on.

so,in the meantime,i have to be a ‘superwoman’ ,runnin back and forth to the hospital,and taking care this lil girl of mine.but lucky tho’ motherinlaw and ma is around to lend a hand.

on another note,yeah..ive just celebrated my twentyseventh’s.nothin fancy,just had dinner with hubba hubba (luckly before the surgery!) and my mia in ..yet another thai cuisine restaurant.and again,the place did NOT lift up to our expectation as our fav. Amarin!heh.

as for mia,she’s 5month plus…and yes,ive started givin her solid food-the rice cereal type.she seem to love it,lookin at the pace she takin everytime i spoon fed her.gosh,another 2wks time,..goin into 6month ol’.so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast!

allrite,im tired now.laters.


6 thoughts on “unwell

  1. later when hubba2 dah fully recover suruh dia reward u with sumthing la hehe..i know it’s not easy to juggle with everything all alone..but having the little one makes all the hassle and fatigue worth while lah !!!!

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