on a lighter note..

a friend forwarded a joke to me.it’s pretty farney,think i should share it with u guys.cheer up!long weekend is coming!!


10 years ago, this was what happened in a Sessions Court in Klang.

The Judge was a strict and stern character (she has since been promoted to the position of State Legal Adviser)and before her came an Indian lawyer for a Chinese client.

It seemed that the Chinese gentleman did not appear in Court at another date and the Judge had fixed this date for the Chinese client to answer why he had not attended.

The Indian lawyer explained to Her Honour that the client could not be contacted previously.

Unsatisfied , the judge asked the client directly


Judge: Kenapa awak tak menghubungi peguam awak?

Client: (silence)


The Judge raised her voice and asked the same question, and again there was stone silence from the Client.

Just when every one was worried for the poor man who obviously did not understand the Judge’s query and with no Chinese Interpreter around , came Mr Tharmindar Singh, the Punjabi intrepreter who asked the Judge for permission to query the Client.

We all thought “wow, Mr T could speak Chinese” and he asked

Mr T : Ngapa lu talak kontek lu mia loyer?

Chinese client: Oh Gua sulah minda lumah, itu sulat loyer Gua talak lapat!

Thus the day was saved.



see,funny rite!hehehe…

anyhow,mia has something to ‘say’ here




and..happy holiday people!



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