my new obsession

as i mention in earlier post,i got myself a new toy to ‘play’ with.its the electric pump!bought it on impulsive mood.heh.anyhow,im takin it as a good investment 😉 *positive thinkin here* yah,my previous one was a manual.still in a very much good,what’s up of buyin another one …u may ask?(more of hubster been askin!haha,takcukup ke ngan satu! hey,ask urself dearie why u need another lens?yah..same reason different issue)

well…honestly,becoz this kakak been tellin me how impressive this product is,and secondly i was simply damn curious how efficient (any)electricpump thr is in town.And judging from the comments here and there bout’ this thang,even makes me teruja.haih,how easily us mothers get excited over such things! ;P

ok,lets compare with my manuals and my electricpimp.totally based on my experience hokay.

soundwise: manuals-sometimes can be heard,sometimes depends on how hard ur tryin to pump.electric-totally quiet.even tested on a fren,whether she can hear a thing,and nah-ah,she can’t.she was pretty impress.

the output: manuals-good!firsttimer,mmg rasa mcm lembab nye nak increase the milk’s oz,but as practice makes perfect,u’ll get the hang of it.and its not that bad.tired hand?nahh..its all in the mind.electric-good aswell!tho’ u have to play around the ‘switch’ to mimic our baby’s suction.there’s a maX and min,so easier to control.agak2 nak cepat,tekan la max tu.

cleansing:manual-totally tedious!leceh!too many compartment to disassemble and assemble it.electric-easy!!not many parts to wash up.

weight:manual-wayyy lighter.electric-uhh..heavy bit a.

so,at home im using the electricpump,while in myoffice,im stickin to my manual!oh wait,i forgot to mention what brand,’s SPECTRA 3.sounds like a car brand rite!i KNOW!


but hey,it works!..

and hey,GA won an award semlm!way to go dr.bailey!as aliaa say it,Mcdreamy McSteamy ..swoooon ;P toodlepeeps.





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