when mia meets emmil

yeah..wkend was spend up north,visitin lil’ emmil with his mummy daddy.







4 thoughts on “when mia meets emmil

  1. such a funny entertaining entry
    love it love it so much

    ira :mia dh besar..jom la jumpa saturday nie!
    leen :muka nud byk ek si emmil nie.apa la emmil, potential gf dtg hang tidoq watpa..if not leh change gossip wakakakaka

  2. iskkk…hopeless tull anak aku nih…potential gf dtg dr jauh membuta lak dia…camner nih???

    ira: creative gila kay…love all the pics and the dialogues too..tp tue laa..muka mommy emmil mcm pompuan tak sudah..ntah apa2 ikat rambut..al maklumlah tak pandai buat bun hehehe…

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