unfortunate event..

yes.something went missing.hubba hubba been searchin it high & low.last seen was 2nights ago.he feels it shud be somewhere around either at home or..in the car,but somehow,he cant place it where.

later in the afternoon…hubba hubba receive a call.a man.yeah,you guess it right.the man found hubba hubba’s wallet!!it seems that,the guy found it layin by the roadside around ttdi,dgn kad kredit,id card,etc.. bertaburan.haih.it so happen,hubba hubba just took out quite alOT of moolahs…ofcoz,the money is not thr anymore.thankgawd the ic was tuck in the smarttag,so..save on that,just need to make cancelation with other bank cards.haiyoo..so maa fan kan!


as of my mia,just yesterday..out of a sudden,her whole bod was covered with small2 red spots.rashes?yah i guess so.brought her to see the doc.nothin serious,could b somethin she ate?(but she’s only takin myb**bmilk.yes ppl,im still givin her just myMILK)..but then again,it could be bcoz of my medication drug?haih.but the farmacist told me it was OK for bfeedin mothers.ok,need to go google that drug.

oh she’s fine & kickin now.4months old d’.love standin rather than bein putdown.

here’s her.*pacify me*





3 thoughts on “unfortunate event..

  1. ishh kan best kalo emmil pun nak pacifier tuh..ini dia luah kan blk bila kita sumbat..

    haaa dedi cool..cepat2 byr zakat…masyuk sgt tuh sbb tuh wallet cicir heheheh…

  2. tu ahh sibok sgt ngan camera
    wallet cicir pon xprasan!!!
    tp amat kuweng la sapa yg kebas
    duit segala ek..

    dedi cool..be cool k!

    p.s//ira if u xkasi lagi pressie..u know wat u can give to ur hubba-hubba now 🙂

  3. dia tgh ‘kusyuk’ sgt timetu mengangkat rim baru,
    tu pasal tak sedar wallet tercicir tuuh!

    present?wat present?!!!haha..udah kasik even b4 his bday.too bad?or good?!hehe

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