of hairloss,bags..and playgroup

of hair..

i read it sometime before,whn we gave birth,our hair will tend to get loss,i.e thining.scientificaly,..its due to change of hormone.but if based in oldwive tales,bila bb tu start “menyembur” or in otherwords,airliur berjujuran,us mothers will tend to loss hair/or the most famos one,ada benda kita teringin mkn tapi tak dpt time pregnant…which i dun think thats the case for me,as hubbs fulfills most of my ngidam momment.heh.but,mygawd..everytime i shampooed myhair or even comb it,i could hv grab a whole lot of hairs!teruk sgt!so..d wkend was spend searchin for treatment shampoo to overcome this problem.found one,its called pregaine?so farrrrr…i must say,there’s improvement,but..i feel myhair bit’ dry.aiyah..nevermind lah,put the sunslik treatmt bit just to hv that moist.

of bags..
three bags.thats the least i have to bring along to my office.the laptop,the ‘pump station’ and ofcoz my handbag.and if its friday,another bag tag along,thats the gym bags!gah!i could make it less..by not bringin bck my lappy,buttt then…sumtimes there’s the urge to go online @home,heh.

of playgroup..
just recently i had a thot on havin a playgorup for lil’mia.i know,she’s still a baby…but hey,nothin is too young for anything these days no?!.quote m&b jan’07 issue“generally playgroup are organised to meet needs of the children,many mothers finds the occasion a good opportunity to socialise and catchup with others who hv children the same age”. so yeah,i would loveeeeeeeeee to gather young mothers OUT THERE,like myself here,organize our own mini playgrp for our kid.come on,it’ll be fun!! we could exchange ideas,share stories bout our labor?(haha)..or simply hang out and see our young kid socialize.so friends,what say you leen?jaja?afti?..hehe..jom!!but i also welcome any young mothers outthr aswell..,just holla ya!



5 thoughts on “of hairloss,bags..and playgroup

  1. playgroup? sounds fun! or better yet, we leave the kids with the fathers, and the mothers go shopping ke, lepak kedai kopi ke, swimming ke…..ehehe…and let the fathers share THEIR labour stories…hihihi…ok tak?

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