my january



yeah..thats pretty much my january 0-seven so far.i know,the calendar is pretty mundane lookin,BW mode….uhh,the thing is,i dunno why my adobe suddenly can’t display in colors..will ask hubba hubba for help in this.

so,upcomin january nine,hubba hubba will turn twentyseven!and lil’ mia four months…time sure flies cepat these days!!i feel old’ already…

lotsa friends gettin hitch this year..and also,not forgeting some friends becomin new parents too.cant wait..cant wait!




2 thoughts on “my january

  1. i’m turning half century as well.. I just had my birthday last october (24)… and now everyone started grumbling they are old (25)..should get married, have babies, careers.. etc.. Well not fair!.. I need to have a great deal of excitement for 24 before embarking to 25.. travelling, money making… filling my wardrobe with shoes..

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