Don't be to ambitious..

that’s refering to me!instead of making difficult resolutions and havin trouble keeping em’, then feeling bad about it when i fail, i think its best i pick something that’ll make me feel good every time i do it.

#1>take a photo a Day and See my Life in a whole new way.(which i think most probably picture of mia would burst up my cam!)

#2>turn my house into a home

#3>start on my mini project.

#4>do more reading!


so,the mini project is turnin my used to be single room into mia’s room!tak byk pun buat i mention earlier,wouldnt wanna be to ambitious about it..doin it bit by far,last 2month got mia’s own cupboard.then just days ago,manage to buy this pweety curtain!previously it was soldout.taksangka,my jalan2 the otherday,turn up the item was on the shelf,apa lagi…grab la.there’s still alot to be done,e.g the painting.havent decided on what color yet.will see how tis project grows yah.




since im still new in this parenthood thingy,i shall begin my 2007 reading with this bookbabybook.jpg

and this..

cimg0665.jpg,what yours?! 😉


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