With all the hoopla surrounding Christmas, i nearly forgot about the New Year.two-O-O-seven y’all.Party anyone?anyhow,we(much of myself actually),are so lookin fwd to our 1st family trip together to a land up north/west.its been ages since i last visited thr.hope the trip would be a worthwhile one.and Oh!hope it wont rain too,like what happen down south.

on a happier note,dedicool has a new toy.slim,sleeky and it’s black.pretty cool i must say.haven’t got the chance to ‘play’ around ..just yet.will take a snip pic later later la.

as for myself,well….im kinda very itchy to get a diaper changin wallet.whats that uh?refer image below.


pretty cute kan!imagine mia on it…even cuter.(hehe im bias).i know i know,i already hv the diaper bag,..buttt it just damn cool and….stylish to own one.besides,thinkin back..since i so far exclusively BF mia,im thinkin its easy to just bring out her nappy + babywipes out. waddaya think?ok tak?!

then…just yesterday i went to klcc,i found out there’s diaperbag sold in ISETAN!!it’s d allerhand bag!…but,price wise,..mahal aaa compared to the price i gotit thru mycouzO(wayy cheeaper).tapikan,there’s anoooooother diaperbag yg cun jugak,kat section ladies handbag!do check it out.  again!i almoooooooost bought it..almost ok,da ada resit dah(tapi takjadi,i end up buyin another bag,for myself..+  fit just nice for mia’s stuff)…that bag,got compartment to put ur baby pictures,or anypic u like.damn cun!then,there’s another one..bigger size bit.siap ada changin mat.haih…..teruja!

ok,have a nice day peeps.


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