mia's aqiqah

another wkend update
we arrived my hometwn,early saturday afternoon.motherinlaw came along aswell.that’s bcoz,the nextday,sunday we’re havin mia’s cukur jambul ceremony.ma’ was busy decoratin the buai and preparing gifts for the guest.


later in the evening,the catterer and tukangsembelih kambing for d aqiqah, drop by our hse.bukan apa,dia nk tunjuk the kambing.i must say,the kambing biribiri was pretty cute!duduk diam jek dlm van tu.ke sbb dia takut kena sembelih esok?at first i wanted to take gbr kambing tu,…but then again,kalo amik nanti..takut kecian la pulak bila tgk blk the pic.so,cancel the plan.so,hubba hubba and pa’ just ‘inspect’ the kambing thru the van’s window.i brought mia along to see her kambing,but she was asleep bythen.peh.it seems that the criteria to do this aqiqah thingy,the condition of the kambing,kena la sihat and elok.blabalbla.so,the man told us,if hubba hubba n pa’wants to see the penyembelihan,come tomorrow morning,630am!


so..the nextmornin,pa’ came knockin our door,askin hubba hubba to comealong to see the slaughtering.hubba hubba was pretty reluctant about it at first,coz u see,sleeping is his fav.pasttime,but he did eventually when along with mydad.

when he came back,i notice a few spots on hubba’s face.it was frm d’kambing’s blood which got splatter on it.it seems that hubba hubba was the one holdin the kambing’s head.so,that’s how the blood got into him,…so does his feet and the rest of his baju+pants bit.pretty brani jugak hubba hubba ku ini.what happen to lasttime ur afraid of toomuch blood hah?!!hehe..


around 10 o’clock,the kumpulan marhaban arrived.mia just got off frm her bath,while myself..was still in my bj tdo!!yikes!quickly hubba hubba and i taketurn to get ready and look after mia.20mins later,both of us came down,salams2 the guest…then the ceremony starts.

mia was a abit cranky at first,..mana taknye,it was suppose to be her sleepin time.but later2,tdo gak la dia..so,when she slept,we quickly put her into the buai.and so,both kenit dayang,menarik the buai…i was worried mia would wake up,but..nasib dia tdo,thru out the ceremony,only to be woken up..durin the snippin of her hair.

lepas cerermony tu,ada laa slideshow sket ..about the arrival of my princess mia. 🙂 yes,credit to dedicool’s artwork./*will upload tis sometime later…keep checkin it out ya*/

food was delish!specially the mutton..the catterer made it into kurma’s dish.

more pic of mia’s ceremony in her flickr.


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