it’s december y’all!gosh…another xx days to 2007!tak lama lagi tu…

actually there’s lotsa thing ive scribble ‘inside’myhead to write bout’…hope i could remember it,and i also hope,mia wont wake up anytime soon.anyhow,what’s new with my baby?well…she’s doin ok,able to holds head steadly whch makes her neck muscle gettin stronger,love kickin and’s gettin more interestin as her journey goes by.on another note,mia now has her own flickr,created by dedi hope more latest pictures on her will be loaded thr.

in my prev post,i mentioned we weren’t that satisfy with the a/yuthaya’s steamfish,so dedicool and myself,went to amarin!!(yupp,tats Da place)for our 2ndtime aniversary dinner,the followin wkend,cuma this time around,we brought mia along.both of us left with full tummy and totally satisfy 🙂


tak ke kecurrr tgk??heheheh…

then,yesterday..i had a blast time with my fav. girl/guyfriends.thanks to ms.nerryna for hostin it.i knw its NOT EASY to gather all 7 of us.iye la,one bein busybee with her hectic work schedule+lovelife,one always on the go(aussie-singapore-kl),another one always caughtup entertainin her mother/n motherinlaw(hehe),so basicly…masing2 ada aje lah hal masing2.

so,bila dah ada gatherin mcm ni,i now have my excuse to order this lovely n yummylicious cupacakes!!took mint choco flavor,and i was right,it does taste as good as it came in this whitebox with lightgreen ribbon.what a nice touch.


and,…here’s those minis cupcakes.

oh,our mini gathering was actually turns out to be….babyshower for jaja and myself.gawddd u guyss….thankyouuusss so much.thx for da gifts!!!








4 thoughts on “december

  1. ira : u look slim…hows d’cuppacake?? delicious??how much?? hahah i nak gaks itu ikan stim

    dedicool : tlgla xpakai baju tu ted…hahaha nampak sgt penuh n full!!!!!!!!!!!!!bbmia looked bttr in red than d’dedi 😉

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