red weekend


weekend was filled with food!friends!and family.of coz the heavy rain,that wont just go away..keep on pourin up till late nite,didnt one bit spoiled our lil’outing.

saturday went to miss nerryna’s opn hse!last yr we miss it,since i was busy with my weddin preparation.almost ‘miss’ it again this yr,but..change of plan,we manage to attend was greeeattttt!love the nasi beriani?or was it nasi minyak?hehehe..stayed almost 2hrs,was hoping to bump into my pregger friend,afti,but luck wasnt on our side..we have to make a move to another hse.(must meet u dear before u POP!!).

sunday.our 1st weddin aniversary.nothin fancy.just had lunch with da family,then later..dinner for two.lil mia?well..we left her to my ma’ to take care for awhile 🙂 it was at Ayutthaya.can i just say,..the tomyam was really somethin la,mmg sedap…BUT(yes the big BUT)..ikan masak steam dia takbest lah!!!hehe..sorry ayutthaya lovers!we taste it better somewhr else.ask us,and i’ll tell u mana mkn ikan masak steam dia best!!*hint:nxt to toys r’us,midvalley.silap!its next to Apple Imac’s shop.teehee

okla.tu je.Happy Monday!


One thought on “red weekend

  1. Gosh *Mia Sooooooooo Cute*
    hahahah blend amat with the RedBulus 🙂
    nie pic kat studio mana nie??
    ke DediCool shoot kat
    shopping complex????

    Happy 1st Anniversary Ira&Ted *muahks*

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