Yes!its not easy..but it gets better.

before i had my lil’ mia,i surf all the top ranked baby websites, fill my shopping cart with the must-read motherbaby magazines,manuals, and momoirs, but, in the end, it’s my friends(who’s a mother themselves) told me what i really need to know bout’ raising babies and’s a few pointer i got it frm them..and also a few thru readin other mom’s blog,ofcoz.

  1. Only the rich and famous mommies shed their baby weight by the six-week checkup. (The rest of us take months (or longer) to lose our baby bellies.) So don’t measure ourself against the super-crazy celeb mommy weight loss standards unless you one lucky lady to be sponsored by your hubby to those slimming center!but there is another option to easier losing weight – breastfeeding!i must say,it works!i have yet another 3kilos to go back to my normal weight!
  2. Your partner is not “the enemy”. It just feels that way at 3 am. (hell yeah its true!)It’s easy to start staring daggers at your sleeping partner, particularly if you’re convinced he’s ignoring your baby’s middle-of-the-night cries, just so he can snatch a few more minutes of uninterrupted sleep. Before you pack your bags and hop the next train to Splitsville, take it from other moms who’ve been there: He’s not a selfish swine: he’s just a sound sleeper. Scientists have discovered that dads simply don’t hear babies’ cries as well as moms do in the night. Of course, you can help him to hear better by giving him a gentle poke or prod if you need some middle-of-the-night support. There’s no scientific research to show that Dads can’t be roused to provide hands-on help to moms.)
  3. Germs have been getting a bad rap. Studies have shown that taking things to extremes on the housecleaning front can increase children’s likelihood of developing allergies. In other words, a few germs can be a good things as far as kids are concerned. So relax a little and consider giving your inner Martha Stewart the day off every now and again.Now,considering i havent mop the house almost 3weeks doesnt sound ‘right!’!
  4. Every mom needs time off for good behavior. yes,whether taking a break for a walk in the park, a little window shopping by yourself, or in your bathtub with the door locked is up to you. (Not every new mom wants to venture too far away from her baby, after all.whatmore a breastfeed baby like myself) But taking some sort of break from baby will give you the chance to recharge your maternal batteries and get reacquainted with your pre-baby self. (Remember her?)
  5. Time doesn’t move at a predictable speed once you’ve become a mother. Some days—the not-so-great days—tick by painfully slowly. Then entire months flip by in roughly the same amount of time in takes to flip a page on your calendar. S-l-o-w  d-o-w-n, speedup, s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n, speedup: it reminds you of the way your Slinky used to flip-flop down the stairs when you were a child, gathering up speed and taking on a life of its own.and now look at mia,she’s already 2month old dah….time sure flies!rasa mcm baru je deliver her.
  6. Not all babies are will have the same development growth/milestone/weight.just the other day,i met my aunt’s friend,she has a baby just a month older than mia,and guess how much he weight?7kg!!!no kiddo.i did tried to carry him,my oh my..2min is enuff leavin me breathless.
  7. Its’s NORMAL for every baby to go thru colicky phases.yes,they may scream and unbreable to stop frm their crying,but eventually…it’ll helps using lotsa minyak telon or minyak yuuyee(for us,yuuyee works like a charm!!).

excerpt frm and some added by my myself

so many have said it so well before me…it does get better( but it’s up to you to make it better!), easier yet harder in different ways.The truth about motherhood as I see it so far… is hard, and stressful, and painful, and confusing at times,having to multitask (not that im not use to multitask,just that while holdin mia yg semakin hari makin berat,its not as easy to move around pickin up lyin around clothes to do the laundry.etc)..but other time its pretty ok and fun,specially when she now knows how to stare back and smile,and giggle,and cooing to us.

Ho boi!how i can’t wait to see when she learn how to hug and kiss me…and callin us mummy and daddy. Now,that tends to make things all better uh.


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