that extra hour

woke up at 7am is considered late with a capital end up,being kelam kebut to get ready and rush to work,and sendin mia off to the babysitter.not fun at all. thats practically describing my firstday to work.and guess what,same thing happened today.wokeup late then rush rush rush.

when i rush,i tend to forget few stuff,like..mia’s picture frame!and then,end up wearin the wrong workin shoe!argh…(reminder:get a New one!barai gile the one im havin now).

even if i’ve prepared the things the nite before..i still need that extra ‘leisure’time to get a proper bath(not a rush one!),a relaxin pumpin session,cuddlin and playin with lil’ mia.

so i really need that extra hour(and help/er mayb).an hour early should be sufficient nuff’.we’ll see how it goes ..tommorow.

may the force be with me. ;P


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