so,yesterday we tried sendin lil’mia  to a daycare.its just nearby to our hse.very convenient,just 2min away.

ofcoz..the moment i gave her away to ibu (thats what the lady ask to be called),my tears started to flow non stop!its my very firsttime bein away frm her and plus…her firsttime bein with someone ..non related to us.alot of think goes thru mymind.will she sleep well?is she gonna cry alot?does the lady knows how to bath her?and so on.

by 1 o’clock both dedicool and myself pick mia back.yeah,the plan was just to try her out only for a halfday.mia was asleep when we ma was there too,very concerned bout’ their first’ even bought another babycot just for her to sleep in at the daycare.

and today,well..mia got her 2month jab!so fast kan timeflies.she’s already 2mth!!!aaa..and soon,mummy will be goin back to work. 😦 not lookin fwd.

on another note.i *think* i lost my camera, or misplace it sumwhre.iskh tak bestnya hilang barang!been searchin it like a madwoman.last i rememberd was,i took a pic at my cousin hse.oh well…mintak2 ada la tu sumwhr.

ok,lemme end this with a lovin this sling!



2 thoughts on “

  1. bb mia looked so comfy in dat sling. nak jugak!! where to get it? Jangan aa ckp tok ipoh beli kat US so jelaous..u can wear back your jeans…nie yg terasa nak cepat deliver nih…

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