my poo story


hello mummy’s friend.

know wat,the other day,mummy was so worried i didnt poo for the longest time (almost a week)..!she went googling bout’ it,and eventually found out that its actually normal for infant(ehem myself!) not to pass motion for quite sometime,after reachin a month old. coz now,my bowel can control abit da lah…not so much of after feedin poo,poo,poo.

uhh notice myface?well,thats my look during my ‘meneran’ usual,mummy loves takin photos of me every single momment(same goes with dad).gawd! luckily she didnt take my poo!it’ll b my wallofshame later on!

sooo,last friday i FINALLY poo-ed. alot.and i mean,aLOT!till mummy almost fainted,..she didnt wash me up tho’,..instead she call up my nanny to do it.aiyooh..!”lucky” daddy wasnt around,else it’ll b FUN for him to wash me up kan!?

ok-lah,nuff bout my poo story.sorry if it makes u aunties/uncles feel eww bout it ..hehe.btw,dad said this pic of me makes me look like a boy,do i?mmm…mayb nexttime i’ll ask mum to put a hairclip on me.

until next time,toodlepeeps.


4 thoughts on “my poo story

  1. hi bb asha…u looked sooooo cute in this pic..nothin to worry about your boyish look. mine was even worst since i was bald…no fancy hairclips and gowns for me..! end up pakai bj bb boy all the way hihihi…

  2. hmmm xpooPoo its ok
    last mnth oso me bwk dani went doc
    coz he xPoo for 10days…doc said
    it bcoz kasi Formula Milk..since the bb
    change fm 100%Bfidin to mixture Formula Milk
    so ira…nanti when asha start minum Formula
    Milk..again she will susah POo u dun wory 🙂
    Selamat Hari Raya Mommy,Daddy n Asha

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