tv shows nowadays

since im in my confinement,..i’m glad that i still hv that spare time to be in touch with the worldwideweb and ofcoz,watchin tvee. you see,the downstairs tv are not connected to a s t r o cable,so i just hv to bear with rtm channels,tv3 and 8tv. fine enuff.but what i can’t stand is,the shows!mind u,the shows waktu petang,byk tunjuk citer2 soap-opera yg rata-rata sama je jln citer nye.

first the malay drama,then..the indon,the an hour later,the spanish telenovela lak…gawd!i know,i can always switch it off if tanak tgk…but then again,im bored,so i watch it half-heartedly.

2.00 Dramasuria (Simbiosis)

2.30 Sinetron (Bawang Merah Bawang Putih)

3.30 Sunsilk Impian Illyana <– ok,yg ni je best!

3.45 Telenovela (La Mujer En El Espejo)

4.30 Asian Potpourri (Malin Kundang)



dear hubba hubba,

please dun forget to bring those 4episodes of season II prison break this wkend yah!

love,ur wifey who is bored to death watchin soapopera everyevening together wif lil’ mia.



4 thoughts on “tv shows nowadays

  1. u so funneh la mamaMia
    i nvr had teh chance to watch Bawang Merah
    but fm wat i heard XLOGIK n OVER
    while Malim Kundang ma Sist n Mom follow
    as for slow typical sad soapopera

    biasala ira..bln2 posa nie all pon drama Syahdu kan!

  2. tu laa korang ..
    sapa suh tak layan Astana Idaman
    tau tak Datin Rockee dah tukar orang ??
    haaaaaaa .. baik tgk mlm nih .. kang nyesal

    “mickee, lepaskan baju uncle ..!!” kata dato’ mansor
    kepada mickee dgn suara garau ala2 macy gray nye itu ..

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