got milk?

my first time attempt in breastfeedin(BF) lil’ wasn’t easy! yah..ofcoz i read frm books,surf thru net,read other mothers’ blog…but,its a total different situation when u urself handles it.what makes matter worst for me was bcoz i had my c-section,so it was quite difficult to move and accomodate for lil’ mia. however,thankgawd for those very2 helpful nurses,they were very kind enuff to guide and show me the ways.

the next challenge for me was…the milk.mind u,the milk ..dont just come flowin ok.there’s a lot of ‘hardwork’ to be done,the squezing and expressin it,..does takeup sometime and day one ‘milk’, wasnt much.the nurses mention its normal for new mom,so..that kinda relief me bit. as long as lil’ mia got a few suckin …thats fine.

come third day,i feel a lil’ first i thot was due to the medication they gv me earlier, turns out actually,my milk-bank,was full..and in need of an,datanglah this young nurse with the pump i did.magically,right after tat,i feel FINE!

now,as i milk bank has improve alot…and lil’ mia,been BF eversince then.the hospital i was admited,are a real hardcore in BF..and so i am plannin to be one of em’.hey,what’s good for babies is good for the mothers too right?!save $$ frm buyin those formulas.there’s more other benefits in BF,but i shall not bored u guys with that.

to my friends,Selamat Berpuasa!!i miss buka-ing beramai2 with u guys! 😦 Have a nice breakin fast.



8 thoughts on “got milk?

  1. hmmmm gr8 to see u update ira
    well not only u missin buka posa ramai2
    me oso stuck at home 😦 jaga dua bdk kenit
    sorang patah tgn (garang max plak -4 pusarkan)

    take care ya deary
    p.s// dedi…bkn ke patut pantang skali?? hmm mamimia
    dh kempis perut..dedi dok membesaukan ek?

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