a new chapter

the momment i heard our baby mia’ loud cries in the op-teater room,my tears when flowing like a waterfall.i seriously cant believe she is FINALLY HERE in this WORLD for both of us.

when i look at her,…all my pain just suddenly gone.she was simply worth it…worth every single month i carried her.


im doin ok now.can walk,sleep, better as compare a week ago.mia also has been quite ‘cooperating’ with her mummy..she has her timing now,which both me + dedi cool sorta can predict her feeding and sleepin time. (so lunch hr is the best time for me to be online )

bein in pantang mode,not much can b eaten..but thats ok i guess.i think ive ‘belasah’ most of food durin my preggie time.just that,im cravin juice drinks soo soo much ok!haha..so,yah..orange juice would b my TOP LIST in my ‘first thing to drink after pantang’.hehe



7 thoughts on “a new chapter

  1. gila kijam dedi..ira kena pantang nih akibat ‘buatan’ dedi ah..lg mau citer tembikai laici ke apa..eloknya pantang skali..haa..ira nyer tummy dah shrink..dedi duk ‘pregnant adik’ lg ke heheheheh

  2. fara: hahahahhahaha….syyyy *malu i*
    leen: mmg dedi cool nw ber’pantang’ gak ….aka idup bujang jap 🙂 hihihi
    nurul : yes please!
    masyu: mia mmg begitu…dpt susu,hati gumbira

  3. dedi cool pantang amendenya… pagi bfast nasi goreng ayam.. tengahari gi karaoke makan buffet lunch… petang roti jala.. ptg sket shukran lak.. malam ikan singgang.. tgh malam chicken chop uptown… macam org bujang… tu blom cite pas makan chicken chop buat apa…

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