the fatty-root story

in other word,the akar fatimah lah!

10.47am:placed the root into d pot with warm water.

11.08am:look, has bloom bit..

11.38pm:half an hour later…bloomin still

1.18pm:makin mengembang y’all

and look,by 5.52pm!

the faster and bigger it blooms, the nearer the date of delivery!!yupp,the water is slightly yellowish.the taste?well..tolerable-lah.the water can be kept for bathing too.

after delivery, just dry it out, it’ll go back to its original clamped-up position, ready to be recycled.drinking or using the water for bathing is to ease one’s labour, and not make the labour come earlier. InsyaAllah.

i knw mytime is just arooooooound the cooooooorner!grrrrr


5 thoughts on “the fatty-root story

  1. fatty root..hehehe..can’t remember when was the last time nampak akar euwwwww…scary plak tgk akar2 berselirat nih..pastu leh expand lak tuh..mcm hidup kan..wonder why it is called akar fatimah..fatimah ke yg discover benda nih ek..?? ermm better get my mom to search for this akar masa dekat2 sok..nowdays mcm susah jek nak jumpa.

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