the waiting game

yes,the first thot when i woke up in the mornin,im countin…another x-day to has started since the day i took up my leaves.

so, clear up mymind or rather,to keep mymind ‘busy’,i went to the infamous furniture store around town.after sendin hubba hubba to his office,i zoom up to d place.yupp,all by’s ok once awhile bein on my own..besides,i can takeup my own sweeeeeet time browsin around and do a lil’ window shoppin?.

just as i expected,there were lots of ladies in store,i.e the housewifes,mom wif kids,pregnant woman…and the pensioners!interestin sight i tell yah.then,it hit got me thinkin,can i ever be a housewife?a stayhome mom?

well,i dunno.

but,im pretty sure… it’s not an easy ‘job‘.i remembered ma’ once told me,she read it somewhr(i *think it was frm reader digest),one of the most stressful job is bein a housewife(next was taxi/bus driver!).woah..surprise uh?me too(at first).

then ma’ explain it to me,its can be quite stressful at times.she herself is a housewife and a mother of 4,thats consider a fulltime job!!no manuals,no practical,no’s was all…on her own.cleanin-washin-cookin-drivin,name it,she done it all.those days,manader bibik,but ofcoz we did hv a day-in helper,but only tookup the swipin+cleanin up the hse.

ma’ was one hella’ strong(physically+emotionally) woman.tho’ once awhile we do get scream/shout at for misbehave or simply bein degil,she never gave up on us.she was indeed a strict mother,but a loving one.

and now as im approchin into motherhood realsoon,im begin to understand MORE how much ma’ has make sacrifices the 4ofus,she is indeed a supermom.

waaaaaaa…now i miss my mom soo soo much.

*ma pa..cepatlah balik sini!


4 thoughts on “the waiting game

  1. as we grew older…we appreciate our parents more
    coz why??? we entering their world, go thro it,
    understand it and try to be as best as THEM

    * i miss ma Bapak so much…n i hope i wont hurt ma Mak*

    dun wory…u&hubba will be a good parents for SURE

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