the i-day

tadi,almost close to 12midnite, hubba hubba decided to vacum the whole house.yupp!pukul 12mlm!such a nite fella he then,the sounds of the fireworks also came blastin,thats due to d’merdeka celebration,which i find it quite loud enuff for us to even heared it frm here.(we’re assumin its comin frm klcc area).

but by now,hubba hubba has fallen asleep d’…,on the sofa,snoring somemore.if only u guys gotta see how tired he for me?well,im still wide awake.

anyways,what hv i’ve been up to for the past few days..?

well…so far,been resting @mi that,i mean,watchin tvee,hook up the surf surf,the usuals cleanin up/washin up,rearrangin tons of dvds/mags,..and some other borin stuff.

i meant to update on my socalled pre-pa-ra-tion for the B.i.G dAy.but i hvent uploaded the pic yet.a must entry with piccas!:) .will do so,esok lah ye.pumps been vigorously kickin my tummy dah ni.lapar kot uh?mmm…lets see,it’s 2am now.what shall i eat?think im gonna make myself a bananasplit-lah.

ok,toodle peeps!

Happy 49th Independent Day,Malaysia!


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