drink i must

masa mula-mula saya ngadung,org kata,amat di syorkan minum susu byk2,utk elak dari havin leg cramps.tambahan pula,minum susu ni..it gives us preggers to gain back our calcium,since the bb been takin it frm our body.so,drink i must.

but later during the 3rd tri,org kata…kalau nak bayi itu keluar ‘bersih’,or with lesser vernix, the waxy white substance that covers a baby’s skin at birth. …. eloklah minum air kelapa.so,drink i must.

air selusuh.ini org kata lagi,.. elok sgt kalo dah rasa2 mcm nk beranak tu..minum air tersebut.saya dulu ingat air selusuh tu,rupa dia mcm air barley ke,or air ada color-color lah.but,it actually is just a plain water,with a jampi2 on it.kata org,moga-moga the delivery will be a smooth one.so,drink i must (when the right time comes).

haa,yg ini pulak,..it’s called akar fatimah.tak penah tgk?saya pun tak penah!until a couple of months ago,my mil bought it over in mecca durin her umrah trip.tang’ ni,saya agak confius.sebab apa tau,coz..setengah org kata,elok di minum a week before the delivery,tapi ada setengah pihak pulak berkata,elok di minum time2 tgh sakit nk terberanak dah.mana satu betul ni?.

oh well,not to be mistaken,this akar fatimah is NOT be telan like that lah ye,it need to b rendam in a warm water.later on,the akar will be spreadin within hours(or so i was told).then,drink up the akar’water(again was told,to be in yellowish color).

gawd,macam-macam air dar.



3 thoughts on “drink i must

  1. hi ya.. how’s it goin?.. the baby seems eager n excited to popped into this world.. Take a good care of the baby, k. Oh ya pasal pemakanan, some people said drink a lot of soya bean.. but i’m not quite sure whether its true.. How ever my mum dulu sarankan amik spirulina.. the baby would have a great complexion and eyes..

  2. last week i went to h&m (clothing) and when i look through the maternity shirts napa tah my mind reminded of you.. i hope everything berjalan selamat… btw i been reading all you guys ( ira/ted/kown/pok yok/koneng)punya blog/ fotopages.. just to a remind me some good old memories.. people that i knew back there in Malaysia..sigh…

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