the f.a.q


Early pregnancy,6 months ago..

  • “how’s the morning sickness goin?”
  • “have u choose ur gynae?”
  • “which hospital will you be goin?”
  • “dah scan dah?”
  • “bila due..?”
  • 4 months ago

  • “so,dah scan dah?”
  • “is it a boy?or a girl?”
  • “got leg cramp or not?”
  • “got swollen feet/face tak?”
  • “sakit pingang tak?”
  • “bila nak pakai baju maternity ni?”
  • “bila due..?”
  • and Now,..

  • “bila due..?bila due..?” (notice,this questions,will never end…until kita branak)
  • “who will be taking care of the baby?”
  • “so are you excited?”
  • “heavy or not?”
  • “do you have everything ready?”
  • “nanti pantang kat mana?”
  • “dah pilih2 nama?”
  • “dont u wanna keep the baby’s cord blood stem cells?”
  • “who will send you to the hospital if ted’s not home?!?”
  • “what?you can still drive meh??!!”
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